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December 2, 2017

In the name of common sense when will we learn that it is neither possible or prudent to dredge up the grievances of the past and to buy our way out of them?  How will the present government reasonably find, verify, justify and re-construct with integrity what was done to homosexuals, (or by them) thirty to fifty years ago?  Were those acts (at least most of them) not governed by the laws of that time, in accordance with its moral standards and the best interests of society?

What makes the present government so superior and arrogant as to think that its ideas trump the past, or has the right to use the people’s money, already in the red beyond reason, to compensate some according to the new morality?  Has there not been a myriad of such issues almost from the beginning of time?  Is it not wiser to simply acknowledge imperfection and to make the changes necessary to improve the present and the future if and as we can?

After sixty years in ministry, sometimes dealing with serious abuses from the past, I have learned that apologies and/or compensation rarely work to truly heal a wounded mind, body or spirit.  Difficult, but more effective, is the decision and effort of the offended person to forgive, to lay down the offense and to draw on God’s grace to do it wisely and well.  Without that, bitterness becomes rooted in the soul, lingers in the mind, hurts the body and defiles many.  No amount of apology can heal and no amount of compensation satisfies without that.  Surely this nation should have learned that by now with all our expensive but fruitless efforts to heal past hurts!

But, that is not the real issue surrounding the homosexual dilemma.   This is an issue of  godly and biblical import.  Homosexuality is prohibited by God and is an abomination to Him.  Sin, in all its forms has crippled our world into the moral chaos we all observe.  Millions of Christians in Canada cannot, and will not, accept homosexuality and its by-products as anything less than sin.  We are not homophobic, and for the most part, far from it.  We are people seeking to be obedient to a command of the Lord of the Universe.

All of us are vulnerable to sin which drives us in humility to God, controls our appetites, teaches us to acknowledge and name sin so we can discipline our thoughts and actions according to the divine will.  We stand before a holy God needing forgiveness and strength to resist evil.  We do, and must, love and accept all persons, but not sinful behaviour.  The decision as to what is sin, is not ours to make for God has spoken, and no amount of pressure, threat or disagreement can change the mind of a committed follower of Jesus Christ.  The God Who created us made us male and female.  He ordained marriage to be the union of one man and one woman with the family to be the essential continuum of life.  Our duty is to accept His will and work, and to fulfill His unique purposes for life.

Homosexuality is especially egregious in that it thwarts the creative purposes of God.  It destroys all future possibilities of whatever family heritage has been established.  Whatever our tendencies or feelings might be, we do not get to choose our gender, nor our sexual behaviour, nor any act of sin without the consequences of social disorder or judgement.   The devil (a liar and a destroyer) and sin have corrupted our desires and twisted our minds into acts of rebellion, lust and self-centeredness.  That explains the mess we are in and the moral confusion that reigns almost everywhere.   It is also the reason for Christmas – the response of a loving God to mankind’s desperate need!

Under the guidance of our government and even the opposition parties we are headed down a very dark, dismal and hopeless path.  It behoves every follower of Christ to put on the whole armour of God so that we may be able to stand, and having done all, to still  stand.   Only then will we be able to shine as lights in this dark place and, hopefully. to fulfill our destiny and happily thrive as human beings to the glory of God and our own wellbeing.

A fellow pilgrim,  Arnold Reimer


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  1. Lorne permalink

    Love reading your writings. Keep writing dear friend

  2. Heather McAlpine permalink

    Thank you for putting into.words what has been in my heart. You have spoken truth. I am grateful.

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