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January 8, 2018

According to a commentator, a remarkable change has occurred in a recent Hollywood celebration.  It “grew up”, he said, changing from a frivolous, fun-loving spoof to a serious, social statement by the ladies of theater.   And, they did that by uniformly  dressing in black.  Why, even some Canadian media girls followed suit!  This was suppose to be a powerful statement of solidarity for the rights of women to be protected from wicked, male predators.

My mother was raised in a strict Mennonite sect where girls and women dressed in dark clothing, wore a bonnet for a head covering, and were segregated from men and boys in public gatherings by a wide aisle.  Finally, Hollywood is getting it!   Dress in black!  Oh, some missed the point; they forgot to stitch their dress front from naval to neck, or to keep their knees well covered.  Unfortunatly, none of them wore bonnets nor sat at segregated tables.   But, the trend is born, and maybe men got the message.  Now, if only we could institute a system of chaperones for all girls under thirty!  Because of male tendencies and “thoughts”, I see no better solution.

Do I sense a whiff of revival sweeping across the land where modesty, morality, character, respect, decency and the nobility of righteousness are returning to both men and women?  Will it soon be possible that a Christian can attend a theater or read a novel without feelings of shame or stain for what is happening or said on stage or page?

None of this will satisfy God, of course, because He starts with the heart rather than behaviour and dress.  But it might make for some public decency, better self-control and less social disruption.  At this point anything is better than nothing.  The worry is, by the time all the bad boys have been hung, who will be left for future propagation?   The ladies need to do more than wear black for a real coup to succeed.

A fellow pilgrim,   Arnold Reimer


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